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Install and update WordPress themes and plugins directly from your Git repository via GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket.


"Git Installer" works with public and private repositories, different branches, subdirectories and even allows automated updates via webhooks. Furthermore, plugins or themes are automatically recognised and validated and it also supports must use plugins and multisite installations.

Install and update Plugins from Git repositories


- GitHub

- Gitlab

- Bitbucket

Webhook updates

Integrated WordPress update process
View pending updates directly in the WordPress overview and update them individually or as a bulk update.

Private Repositories

Must Use Plugin support


any branch


Install from subdirectories

Check directory
Validates a Repository and checks wether a valid WordPress theme or plugin is found.

Pricing and Support

"Git Installer" is licensed under the MIT licence and is thus available free of charge as open source software for private and commercial use. Unlike other similar plugins, there is no pro version, but all features are included in this version.

We depend on your support. In order to actively involve you in the further development, we have set up a GitHub Sponsors page. Various sponsorship packages with different benefits can be booked via this page.
Thank you for being part of the project!


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